Make your boat go faster – get feed back on technique with Online Coaching

You know the feeling, no matter how hard you train, you just can’t make the boat go faster, or you just simply can’t cut seconds off your erg split time.

Would you give an arm or a leg for someone to tell  in words that YOU understand what YOU need to do to correct your technique?

Many, many rowers  dedicate their hearts and free time to training for hours and hours. Its a shame to put all that effort into something where you cannot see results. We have been there too and know it’s really frustrating.

Supplement your training with Online coaching and get help to correct the mistake you otherwise would continue slowing down your speed.

We make a plan together and you get regular feed back from our Head Coach Bo Vestergaard. Our aim is to give you feed back you in a way YOU really can understand what you need to do and we keep trying until we can see that you get it.

YES!! Please, I’d like some feed back on my technique.

Price for Online Coaching

No fixes happen over night and changing technique takes repetitions, repetitions and more repetitions. That is why we offer coaching in minimum of 3 month periods.

PS. Coaching services are available for Rojabo training program subscribers only.

  • Three months
  • Price/month
  • Total

Let me help you improve your technique and make your boat/erg go faster. An external opinion can do wonders to the time you invest in your training. I’ve helped many rowers (including my partner Jakob) understand what they need to do to make a change, not just once but to make it a permanent habit.

And I can help you too.

Bo VestergaardHead Coach