How to incorporate a training program, which will improve your level of fitness into a hectic daily life with school, work, family etc? There is no short cut to rowing faster but at Rojabo we want to help you train towards your goal in the most optimal way possible,  in a way, which is optimized to fit your current state of fitness and busy daily life.

This is how it works…

You give …

  • Your training days

    We need to know, which days you plan to train and do you intend to train in the morning, afternoon or both

  • Your background level

    We need to know your training background level, from never trained to elite.

  • Your season goals

    Set your goal for the season and stay motivated. We will help you peak that day.

  • Power Efficiency Test

    We need to know how efficiently you convert your stroke into power and therefore require you to take a test on the erg.

  • Endurance Test

    To ensure that your training program fits your current fitness level, we need you to complete the Endurance Test every month.

You get …

  • The Rojabo Meters

    Which indicate your actual max , your potential max, and your Rojabo Index.

  • The Power Guide

    Which is the key to quality strokes and for you to know how much you need to push at a given stroke rate.

  • The Weekly intensities

    Which will help you prepare and plan your effort for the upcoming workload. We give you a graphical view of the intensities for the next 3 months.

  • Great support

    We are always here to help you. Please mail us if you have any questions.