Arrival day

viewFor the third year in a row, Rojabo takes the Sculling Camp to Avizaqua at Herdade de Cortesia for 3 days of intensive rowing technique training. Unfortunately the first bump in our trip was Bo Vestergaards cancellation du to unforeseen work matters. However, with just a few short days notice, we got John Faulkner to join us as co-trainer for Jakob.

johnJohn has been involved in rowing since the young age of 11 where he started  coxing at a local club. After his own active years as a rower, he has been involved in the sport for over 40 years as a dedicated coach for the Danish and Dutch national teams helping teams qualify for both the World Championships and the Olympic Games. So definitely a qualified addition we welcomed to our team. Read more about John and his rowing here.

This year, our flights arrived in good time, which gave us a whole afternoon for rigging and testing the boats so the equipment was ready for day 1 of technique training.  We had also been a bit worried about what the weather would bring us, but the forecast seems to have turned to be more in our favor meaning less wind and a bit of sunshine too. Perfect!