Day 2

Day 2.

We woke up to a totally windless morning and at 7.00 am as we got on the water, the sun was coming out  from behind the small clouds. Once again the morning session consisted of getting material of improved strokes for the day’s video session. The rowers enjoyed the flat water and sunshine for about 10k and we could clearly see that everyone was deeply concentrating on improving their techniques. It was a joy to see the results that focus and concentration can bring.

going-on-the-water2From the day’s video session, the coaches were happy to confirm and show that rowers were clearly making small improvements and were moving the boats more efficiently.

videosessio3After having been fully focused for three outings, we decided to take the scenic tour of the canyons. While improving technique requires focus, sometimes it is good to let the mind rest and look around a bit. The nature in Aviz is nothing like at home and the canyons was truly magnificent. We have to say that the rowers focus was more on the surrounding nature than on the perfect catches on this outing.

canyon1canyon2Jakob got a supprise visitor in his boat. A small fish must have been very surprised when not landing back in the water. Unfortunately it was not enough for dinner.

fishyFor the last outing of the day, we decided on not to give any new technical tips and lets the rowers digest on what we had told them earlier and just to relax. The newly learnt techniques needs to be transferred into being a custom way of rowing and when letting the guard down and not trying too hard often does the trick. One sees the light and gets and feels what needs to be done. From this outing we also got about 300 pictures of happy rowers, which will be shared among all participants.

Dinner at Herdade da Cortesia hardly ever fails and with great company and good rowing stories the evening was yet again perfect consisting of planning and practicing strategy for the next days wine tasting competition.