Day 3

Day 3

It was race day and even if its just for fun, the excitement level always rises. The morning session consisted of preparation for high pace rowing and the coaches took video at a different pace than the training pace. This way, there was not that much time to think of technique but to row more naturally and hopefully more relaxed.

The third and last video session of the camp was more focused on the fine tuning of rowers techniques giving the rowers the final tips on what to work on when at home. We were very please to see that our instructions where giving results. Catching is one of the most difficult aspects of the rowing stroke and we tried seeing if explaining off land would help.

videosessionAfter contemplating back and forth with the weather, we decided to go with racing in the afternoon just as planned to start with. Rain should have stopped and there would be the least possible wind.

For the second training pass of the day, we could notice that race nerves were beginning to kick in so we gave everyone the freedom to do what they wanted. Options were rest or have a trip on the water without the coaches watching eyes.

Our tradition is to end each camp with a Head of Aviz race and we agreed to meet at 16.00 for a small briefing on the seeding for the race. Race conditions were perfect with about 2m/sec head wind and no rain.

Rowers we’re not seeded in the order of estimated speed, but on how each could either be best challenged to push away from the following rower or try catch up with previous.

There were some tight races and like always, there is room for debate and discussions after head racing. Congratulations to Mette for winning Head of Aviz 2014 with a 0,1 sec advantage to Henrik.  Your work is clearly giving results. Keep up the good work.Sculling results

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