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Departure day

We had a wonderful time in Aviz with all of you. Special thank you to Luiz and Pedro for the exclusive location and equipment. We hope to see you all again in 2015. Best regards, Rojabo team 2014 – John, Asta and Jakob

Day 3

Day 3 It was race day and even if its just for fun, the excitement level always rises. The morning session consisted of preparation for high pace rowing and the coaches took video at a different pace than the training pace. This way, there was not that much time to think of technique but to […]

Day 2

Day 2. We woke up to a totally windless morning and at 7.00 am as we got on the water, the sun was coming out  from behind the small clouds. Once again the morning session consisted of getting material of improved strokes for the day’s video session. The rowers enjoyed the flat water and sunshine […]

Day 1

We have stated that our primary goal for the camp is for the rowers to go home having felt what the perfect rowing stroke feels like (and in addition have some tips if the baggage on how to achieve this.) For the first outing we wanted some totally flat water for getting used to equipment […]

Arrival day

For the third year in a row, Rojabo takes the Sculling Camp to Avizaqua at Herdade de Cortesia for 3 days of intensive rowing technique training. Unfortunately the first bump in our trip was Bo Vestergaards cancellation du to unforeseen work matters. However, with just a few short days notice, we got John Faulkner to join us as co-trainer for Jakob. […]