At Rojabo, we aim to deliver personalized training programs that work for everyone who takes their rowing seriously.

Rojabo was founded in early 2008 as a culmination of almost three decades of in-depth research and experimentation with training plans for rowers. We developed our Rojabo method to deliver customized training plans, which will make you row faster regardless of your background.

Bo Vestergaard, co-founder/coach

Bo, born in 1965, got selected for the Danish national team at the age of 22 and rowed on the Danish lightweight eight for seven years, four years as the stroke. His rowing career led to several World Championship medals, two gold, four silver, and one bronze.

In 1996 he started coaching the Danish National team, and over the years, he worked with various teams, such as the LM8+, LM4x, LM2-, LM2x LM2x, and W4x, where his crews frequently made it to the finals at the World Championships. From 2000 to 2006, he was the Head Coach for the Danish Women’s National Team and coached the LW2x and W4x to be qualified for the Olympic Games. As a coach, he achieved two silver and two bronze medals at the World Championships.

Jakob Øjvind Nielsen, co-founder/engineering

Jakob, born in 1970, has been rowing since the age of 13 and started racing outriggers at the age of 25. Two years later, in 1997, coached by Bo Vestergaard, he took home bronze at the World Championships racing the LM2-.

Jakob is also the prime motor for developing the Rojabo engine, which calculates the training programs. Today he continues to develop Rojabo besides working actively on various IT consultation projects.

Success together in the same boat.

Bo and Jakob started rowing together as a team in 2005. Since 2009 they have rowed the MM2x to Boston Head of the Charles and raced at the Danish National Championships.

2012 – gold FISA Masters Men’s C 2x.

2014 – gold Nordic Masters MM2x Masters C and MM2x Masters B.

2016 – gold FISA Masters Men’s C 2x.

2017 – gold FISA Masters Men’s B 2x.

2019 – 2nd FISA Masters Men’s C 2x (2nd fastest on the day)

2019 – 5th Head of the Charles Men’s D8+

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