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Achieve your goal and row faster. With a plan that matches your own physical needs and busy daily life. With more than 10 years of experience in making training programs that work for rowers at all levels, we can now make one for you too.

Sculling Camp

Our aim is that each rower goes home having felt what the perfect rowing stroke feels like. Improve your technique on water and learn from the Pro’s who have helped athletes perform at elite level.

What our users say about us

Just wanted to say: I trained with rojabo two years ago an managed to reach a 3:01min on 1000m after 4 month of rojabo-training (3:08 before) and got bronze at the german indoors champs category 30-39years. Thank you very much:)

Andreas ThiemNow I’m a fast rower

I’ve loved these workouts! I am the mother of a 2-year old, I have my own business, and although I’d love to be a professional rower, I’m not! Your workouts have made it possible for me to progress in a balanced way. And having a variety of workouts is the best! Thanks!

Laureen Blake CrandellPrincipal, Pixie Song Events

After 6 weeks on your program I dropped my season best 6K ERG – actually my best in the last 11 years since I started training again – to 20:52.3. Not very impressive if I were an elite oarsman but as a 51 year old training alone in my basement, I’m happy with the progress. Looking forward to more training

Michael J. Totta, M.DPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Knocking off seconds in a sport where 1/10’s are the norm for improvement is substantial. I think I was amazed at the 500m more than anything because I don’t re-call anything resembling what I would call “speed work” in the first four weeks. I’ve been trying to lower my 500m time for several months. These times are not exceptional, but for a 57 yr old light weight  they’re decent. Several months ago breaking 7m for 2000m seemed impossible. Now…I know it’s going to happen. In addition your 2k “predictor ” was again pretty much dead on. After my last test on Sunday your program predicted a 2000m PR of 7:05. That turned out to be amazingly accurate.

Needless to say I’m thrilled with your program and recommend to everyone I know (well, everyone who erg’s!).

Edward PetersonTech Support

I am really impressed with how well the workouts at the recommended intensities push me.  I am already noticing real improvement.  I also think I finally understand the efficiency test.  It makes perfect sense to me now.

Edward DemetriouInvestment Manager