The endurance capacity is measured as how many minutes you are able to row in your target watts, with an increasing SPM ( Strokes-Per-Minute). Your target watts are based on the power efficiency test measurement.

The test itself is a step test where you row x times 4 minutes starting from 20 SPM increasing with 2 SPM for every step. There is no rest between the intervals.

The blue dot indicates an example of a result, where the rower reached stroke rate 28 and had 1 minutes and 0.30 seconds left in this step.

The endurance test stops, when you really are not able to keep your target watts.

Eg. if your target is 170 watt in 28 SPM then you can vary your pressure in an acceptable range of +/- 5-7 watt. When you are so exhausted, that you cannot keep the pressure of 170 watt in 28 SPM, then your endurance test stops.

How to complete the test:

  1. Print this page, bring the page as well as a pen to your erg to record the result of the test.
  2. To get the best result for your test, it is an advantage to perform the test together with other rowers. If you don’t have any one to perform the test with, then try to get someone to cheer you on.
  3. Warm-up and wait around five minutes before starting the test itself.
  4. Set up the monitor by following the guide on “how to setup the monitor” and use the target watts from your calculated power guide
  5. Start the test and keep to your power guide as well as possible
  6. Stop the test when you can nolonger keep to the watts from your power guide.
  7. Write down the SPM interval you reached and how many minutes and seconds you have left in the 4 minutes interval.
    1. Stroke rate reached
    2. Time left
  1. Register the result

Useful Background information about the endurance test

Performing the Endurance test is like doing a step test.

To keep your training program updated, you need to do the Endurance test every four weeks. As shown in the illustration, every step takes 4 minutes and the stroke rate goes up 2 strokes per minute for every step. There are no breaks between the steps.

Depending on how many steps you are able to row, Rojabo predicts how close you are to reaching your Potential max on a 2000m ergometer test. You can do the test as often as you want, but you must perform one at least every four weeks.

As soon as you enter new data from the step test, Rojabo will re calibrate your programs according to your updated Rojabo Index.

To ensure your tests are comparable, it’s very important to follow the same procedure every time. That means that the weekday, the time of day, your eating pattern etc rituals need to be the same before the test. Also make sure you are well hydrated.

Eg. if you prefer to do the tests on a Saturday morning, then always perform the test on a Saturday morning. If you like to eat cereal for breakfast, do that every time, and so on.

You can preset the Endurance Test target pace and minutes for each step in the test on the Concept 2 ergometer monitor – see the guide on how to setup the monitor

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